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Shanghai Xintiandi

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Add:Huangpi South Rd. 榛勯檪鍗楄矾

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Shanghai Xintiandi 鈥 New Heaven and Earth 鈥 is conveniently located right in the centre of cosmopolitan Shanghai. It is close to Middle Huaihai Road and Taicang Road, bordering upon South Huangpi Road, Madang Road and Zizhong Road. Xintiandi has become an urban tourist attraction that holds the historical and cultural legacies of the city. It is a fashionable pedestrian street composed of Shikumen and modern architecture style. The Shikumen Building appeared in the mid-1800's, and is a product of Chinese and Western architecture styles.

Xintiandi is unique because of its concept of construction. It retains the antique walls, tiles and exterior of the Shikumen housing of old Shanghai. On the other hand, its interior embodies a totally different world of international gallery, bars and cafes, boutiques聽or聽theme restaurants. When you walk into Xintiandi, you will get the taste both of Shanghai in the 1920's and the modern lifestyle of urbanites of the 21st century.

Xintiandi is divided into two parts: the South Block and the North Block. The South Block mainly consists of modern architecture with Shikumen architecture as an accompaniment. Its North Block kept the old Shikumen architecture style, forming a contrast to the modern South Block. Xintiandi attracts the eyes of people from all over the world. Famous stars open their restaurants聽or聽shops in Xintiandi, which become good places for fans to communicate with their idols.

Admission: free.

How to get there: take line 1 and get off at South Huangpi Road Station.
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  • Comment:2
  • Points:21
  • Gold:8
  • Rating

it is a so beautiful place that many foreiger come again and again expecially at night,u can buy a cup of coffer and then sitting ,chating for a long time

  • Average cost: 150RMB

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franklee (beginner commenter) Commented  114 month(s) ago
  • Comment:11
  • Points:111
  • Gold:35
  • Rating

One of the most representative places to experience nightlife in Shanghai.

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wheat (beginner commenter) Commented  114 month(s) ago
  • Comment:2
  • Points:21
  • Gold:8
  • Rating

very nice place, especilly at a summer night. many many people go there chatting, laughing and enjoying a candle dinner. It's always lively. people consider it as the most desirable palce of "mostbourgeois sentiments"

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Ivy (senior commenter) Commented  116 month(s) ago
  • Comment:233
  • Points:11611
  • Gold:3023
  • Rating

It is a great place to visit. Especially at night! Everything is expensive there but nobody forces you to buy anything! And the park is very pleasant at night!

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