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Gulangyu Islet

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Add:the 10 minute ferry ride from Xiamen coast

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Gulangyu Islet is a tourist island off the coast of Xiamen, about one km2 in area. Gulangyu Island is renowned for its delicate natural beauty, its ancient relics, and its varied architectures. The island is on the list of China鈥檚 National Scenic Spots and also ranks at the top ten most-scenic areas of Fujian Province.

The island became a foreign enclave following the Treaty of Nanking in 1842, hence the predominantly Victorian style architectures were built throughout the island, of which many were offices and residences of Consulate-Generals, as well as that of the thriving business community.

The islet鈥檚 major scenic spots of Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, and Haoyue Park are the most prominent tourist attractions. Gulangyu Islet lies in a subtropical marine monsoon climate zone, with plenty of precipitation, four warm seasons, and more than 90 families of over 4,000 varieties of evergreen plants as well as the plants rarely seen in China.

Aside from the natural landscape, Gulangyu is also famous for having the only piano museum in China, which giving it the nickname of "Piano Island"聽or聽"The Town of Pianos" . There are over 200 pianos on this island. The islet's relics commemorating historical personages also include the memorial to the national hero Zheng Chenggong. The islet also has more than 60 personages' residences and mausoleums such as Lin Qiaozhi, founder of China's obstetrics and gynecology; Lu Yizhang, forerunner of Chinese language modernization; Ma Yuehan, China's modern physical culture enlightenment educator, etc.

The island of Gulangyu is a pedestrian only destination, where the only vehicles on the islands are several fire trucks and passenger transport vehicles. The narrow streets on the island, together with the architecture of various styles around the world, give the island a unique appearance.

Admission: free entrance to the island; combined ticket of Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Organ Museum and Carving Museum is 80 yuan. Xiamen Sea World: 60 yuan.

How to get there: Public Bus Routes to the Ferry Terminal: 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 23, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 36, 44, 50, 66, 67, 85. Ferry: There is no fee for the 10 minute ferry ride to Gulangyu Island, but it will charge eight yuan for the returning. The ferry runs from 5:30 -24:00
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There are a lot of western style buildings on the island. It's really nice and quiet. You can also enjoy the sunlight at the beach.

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Very very beautiful place, you can totally chill out there and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and the sea view.

  • Average cost: 100RMB

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