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Jade Emperor Pavilion

Jade Emperor Pavilion is the only ancient high-rise pavilion with timberwork in Yinchuan, which occupies an area of 1040 square meters. It got this name for a copper statue of Jade Emperor in the hall......

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Na Family Mosque

The Na Family Mosque is located at the center of a Hui nationality's village in Yongning County of Yinchuan City. It is a large worship place with a long history.

The Na Family Mosque, oriented to th......

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108 Pagodas in Qingtongxia

The 108 Pagodas in Qingtongxia are located on the east slope of Xiakou Mountain on the west banks of the Yellow River. They are scattered following the curve of the mountains in an odd order in 12 row......

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Chengtian Temple Pagoda

Located in Chengtian Temple in the southwestern tip of Yinchuan City, the pagoda is a well preserved Buddhist architecture from West Xia Kingdom. Since it stands in the western part of the city, it is......

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Haibao Pagoda

Haibao Pagoda standing for hundreds of years in the north of Yinchuan City, is regarded as Yinchuan's symbol. Also known as the Northern Pagoda, the pagoda lies in the Haibao Temple in the northern su......

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Imperial Tombs of Western Xia

The Imperial Tombs of Western Xia is located on the eastern slope of the Helan Mountain, south of the Gunzhong Pass and 30 kilometers west of Yinchuan City. Dubbed the "Pyramids of China", the Imperia......

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Western Xia Museum

The Western Xia Museum was built like Buddist temple in a typical Western Xia style. It covers an area of 5,300square kilometers. Combining features of modern architecture and royal atmosphere of the ......

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The Gunzhong Pass

The Gunzhong Pass is well known as an enjoyable summer resort located in the east of Helan Mountain, 35 kilometers northwest of Yinchuan city. It is a perfect area for hiking and admiring the scenery ......

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Twin Pagodas of Baisikou

The Twin Pagodas of Baisikou is located at the eastern foot of Helan Mountain, 45 kilometers from Yinchuan City. Baisikou once served as the summer resort of Emperor Li Yuanhao of the Western Xia, acc......

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The Rock Paintings

The Rock Paintings is just located in the mouth of Helan Mountain, 56 kilometers from Yinchuan city. The rock paintings in Helan Mountain are the works done by different nationalities of different tim......

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