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Xian Museum

Located in the Small Wild Goose Pagoda Scenic Area, Xian Museum was opened to the public on the World Museum's Day, May 18th, 2007. Not only does it enhance the environment of the nearby ancient build......

added by chefbilly 2 comments , 1image

Banpo Museum

The Banpo Museum is located in the eastern outskirt of Xian City, Shaanxi Province. As the first museum at the prehistoric site, it was built at the base of the excavations of the Banpo site. Since it......

added by chefbilly 1 comments , 1image

Small Wild Goose Pagoda

The Small Wild Goose Pagoda, sometimes Little Wild Goose Pagoda (Chinese: 小雁塔; pinyin: Xiǎoyàn Tǎ), is one of two significant pagodas in the city of Xi'an, China, the site of the old Han and ......

added by chefbilly 1 comments , 3image

Great Mosque

The Great Mosque in Xi'an is one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved Islamic mosques in China and its location is northwest of the Drum Tower (Gu Lou) on Huajue Lane.

According to historical re......

added by chefbilly 1 comments , 3image

Drum Tower

The Drum Tower, across Bell Tower and Drum Tower Square, to the northwest of the Bell Tower, is a similar structure to the Bell Tower. It was erected in 1380, also during the Ming Dynasty. The Drum To......

added by chefbilly 1 comments , 2image

Bell Tower

Standing at the crossing of the East, West, South, and North avenues in city proper, the Bell Tower is a symbol of Xi' an. The tower was originally built in 1348, toward the end of the Yuan Dynasty, a......

added by chefbilly 1 comments , 2image

Famen Temple

Situated in Famen Town of Fufeng County, about 120 kilometers (about 74.57 miles) west of Xian, Famen Temple is renowned for storing the veritable Finger Bone of the Sakyamuni Buddha.

Famen Temple wa......

added by chefbilly 1 comments , 5image

Qian Mausoleum

Qian Mausoleum (Qian Ling), the united tomb of Tang Emperor Gaozong (Li zhi by name) and Empress Wuzetian, lies on Mt. Liangshan in the north of Qian County, Shaanxi Province, 80km west of Xi'an. It i......

added by chefbilly 1 comments , 10image

Daming Palace Site of Tang Dynasty

Daming Palace was the main royal palace in Tang Dynasty (618-907) where Tang emperors lived and dealt with state affairs. It featured super-large scale and magnificent buildings.

The palace was locat......

added by chefbilly 1 comments , 2image

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the renowned oldest extant ancient architecture in Xi'an, is situated in Da Ci'en Temple, an ancient temple in the southern suburb of Xi'an with a history of thousands of ye......

added by chefbilly 1 comments , 2image


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