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St. Lawrence's Church

Today the most fashionable church in Macao, St. Lawrence's Church (圣老楞佐堂) was first built of wood in the 1560's, replaced by Taipa in 1618 and reconstructed in stone 1801-3. Further renovati......

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St. Joseph's Seminary and Church

St. Joseph's Seminary and Church (圣若瑟修院及圣堂) was opened in 1758 as part of the Jesuit seminary of St. Joseph. Located on a hill, with twin brick roofed towers, it was a famous landmark ......

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Macao Tower

Soaring 338 meters above the city, the Macau Tower (澳门旅游塔) is the 10th highest freestanding tower in the world and the 8th tallest in Asia. It stands taller than Auckland's Sky Tower, Paris'......

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St. Augustine's Church

St. Augustine's Church (圣奥斯定堂) was originally built by Spanish Augustinian friars in 1586 and taken over by the Portuguese three years later. The present building dates from 1814 and has a s......

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St. Anthony's Church

St. Anthony's Church (圣多安尼教堂) stands on the site of a chapel founded in 1558, the first to be built in Macau. The history of the present building is told briefly on a plaque by the door: "......

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Communications Museum

Inaugurated on March 1, 2006, the Communications Museum (通讯博物馆)presents exhibits in two areas: Post/Philately and Telecommunications. Visitors can experiment, discover and have fun with the ......

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Grand Prix Museum

The Macau Grand Prix (大赛车博物馆) started in 1954 and includes a number of automobile and motorbike races and takes place every year in November. The Museum pays tribute to individuals who con......

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Macao Museum

Macao Museum(澳门博物馆)’s aim is to preserve the cultural traditions, usages and habits, which specifically belong to Macao, in a place where East and West have so peculiarly learnt how to mee......

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Maritime Museum

If the history of Macau is really connected to the sea, there is, indeed, no better place for the Maritime Museum (海事博物馆), than the Square of the Barra Pagoda, dedicated to the Taoist goddes......

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Casino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa (葡京娱乐场) is one of the most famous hotel casinos in Macau. The casino is owned by the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM), a Stanley Ho company. This three-storey ......

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